KEEY Aerogel

KEEY Aerogel is a French company with an international standing, specializing in the development of aerogel-based solutions.

We currently work with companies from different sectors such as construction, aeronautics, industrial insulation, automotive...

Our products and services

SICLA™ range

  • Extraction of silica from waste to create aerogels
  • Waste recovery chain
  • SICLA Classic & SICLA Lite

Low Temperature Supercritical Drying (LTSCD)

  • Supercritical drying system


  • High pressure dilatometer 
  • High pressure viscometer and densimeter
  • High pressure mixer 
An innovative technology

French production, aerogel manufacturer and technology provider

Low carbon footprint
Ultra economical aerogel products
High performance
Thermal conductivity
Circular economic model

Do you have a special request ?

KEEY Aerogel offers you products adapted to your expectations.

If you already own an aerogel, we can optimize it, develop it, improve it.

  • R&D department : Development of the SICLA base aerogel adapted to your needs
  • Scale-up : Technical and economics analysis of industrialization
  • Production :
      • Manufacture of the customer product / of your product (in sufficient quantity to study the introduction on the market) : sharing of industrial risk
      • Manufacturing of the product by KEEY Aerogel at the customer / you
  • Equipment : Provision of an independent production unit (controllable by a trained and qualified worker)

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request !